The Great Upheaval

Can the digital revolution potentially shift the power dynamic in photography?

‘Toda H-26’, performance photograph from The Ethnographic Series, 2004, by Pushpamala N in collaboration with Clare Arni; from the project Native Women of South India: Manners and Customs

In the 178 years since the invention of photography—thought to have begun with Louis Daguerre’s daguerreotype process circa 1839—the medium has catapulted from one form to the next, forcing those who engage with it to sprint in order to keep pace with the developments. With all the technology at our disposal today, which enables us to churn out images through microchips embedded in devices whose primary function may not even be photography, the process of making images is far removed from the several-minute-long intimate experience between the photographer and the sitter in the early years of the camera.

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Viewbook Transformations

It is no longer possible to imagine a world without photography. In our digital age anyone can pick up a camera to produce a ‘good’ image and share it with the world. As a web­ technology company in the photography industry, Viewbook is directly involved in translating new technologies and needs into meaningful possibilities for photographers. At a time when technology, globalization and the internet are having such great impact, we are curious to find out how photographers see those changes and how they work with them.
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