Open Minds and Changing Roles

Finding New Opportunities for Photographers

Photo by: Mingwei Li via Unsplash

The world is an increasingly visual place. As we all know by now, the rise of mobile phones and social media has moved us into an era where imagery is everywhere and everyone is a photographer, sometimes making it harder for professional image-makers to break through the noise. Many people have dedicated their lives to the craft of image making and now find themselves asking, “what next?”. As photography professionals, we have to understand that our role within the industry is changing, and, to me, it’s a more exciting time for imagery than ever before.

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Viewbook Transformations

It is no longer possible to imagine a world without photography. In our digital age anyone can pick up a camera to produce a ‘good’ image and share it with the world. As a web­ technology company in the photography industry, Viewbook is directly involved in translating new technologies and needs into meaningful possibilities for photographers. At a time when technology, globalization and the internet are having such great impact, we are curious to find out how photographers see those changes and how they work with them.
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