Stone: Photobook, Exhibition and Collaboration

A talk with Ad van Denderen and Hans Gremmen

The Media Communications department of Webster Leiden Campus and Transformations present the third text in the series based on the public talks Documentary Today: Transmedia and Collaboration. This time we publish extracts from a conversation with graphic designer Hans Gremmen (of the publishing house fw:books) and photographer Ad van Denderen, which took place at Huis Marseille photography museum. The audience was invited to lead a two-hour dialogue with the guests, focusing on the book Stone and the exhibition Jerusalem Stone – the result of Ad van Denderen’s 25 years of documenting daily life in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

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Viewbook Transformations

It is no longer possible to imagine a world without photography. In our digital age anyone can pick up a camera to produce a ‘good’ image and share it with the world. As a web­ technology company in the photography industry, Viewbook is directly involved in translating new technologies and needs into meaningful possibilities for photographers. At a time when technology, globalization and the internet are having such great impact, we are curious to find out how photographers see those changes and how they work with them.
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