BITTER Stories and Transmedia

A talk with Paradox director Bas Vroege.

The Media Communications department of Webster Leiden Campus / Webster University USA, together with Transformations, continue publishing extracts from conversations that took place during the public meetings program Documentary Today: Transmedia and Collaboration. In a sequence of four articles, experts from the field of documentary share their thoughts on collaborating and working across media, and talk about recent projects. This second text spotlights a selection of issues discussed with Bas Vroege, the director of Paradox, a not-for-profit organization developing projects around contemporary issues with documentary authors.

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Viewbook Transformations

It is no longer possible to imagine a world without photography. In our digital age anyone can pick up a camera to produce a ‘good’ image and share it with the world. As a web­ technology company in the photography industry, Viewbook is directly involved in translating new technologies and needs into meaningful possibilities for photographers. At a time when technology, globalization and the internet are having such great impact, we are curious to find out how photographers see those changes and how they work with them.
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