Breaking out of the 2-D Frame

Sanne De Wilde talks about her work, her exhibition during Voies Off in Arles, and transformations in photography.

Variety, surprise, movement and development are recurring themes when Sanne De Wilde talks about her work, and underpin her views on the changes in photography today. “The greatest evolution right now is that people are opening up to using all sorts of different media,” she says. “People get easily caught up in their own way of seeing things. We are afraid of change. You see that at different levels in this world. One way of dealing with change is often to push it away, and not allow it in, so the fact that photographers are not just allowing it in but embracing it is, for me, one of the biggest evolutions at the moment.”

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Viewbook Transformations

It is no longer possible to imagine a world without photography. In our digital age anyone can pick up a camera to produce a ‘good’ image and share it with the world. As a web­ technology company in the photography industry, Viewbook is directly involved in translating new technologies and needs into meaningful possibilities for photographers. At a time when technology, globalization and the internet are having such great impact, we are curious to find out how photographers see those changes and how they work with them.
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