Content vs Technology

Defining the Contemporary Photographer

“Salvatore Vitale is a Swiss-based photographer, born and raised in Palermo, Italy.” This is what we read in the very first line of my biography. I still find it quite funny to think that these few lines are out and about in the world: a few lines that should explain who I am and what I do, yet which—apart from a few technical details—don’t really encapsulate the complexity of what’s behind them. Particularly when it comes to the word ‘photographer’. I didn’t study photography. The thought didn’t even cross my mind. I never found any old camera in the cellar, and I grew up with that very Italian mentality of ‘study and find a job that allows you to live comfortably’. And that word ‘study’ didn’t include artistic disciplines. Those fell into the sphere (a necessary one, don’t get me wrong) of ‘hobbies’. Many of you probably know what I mean. Being a photographer wasn’t considered a real job. But here is my question: is it today?

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