About Viewbook

Since 2009, Viewbook has been changing the way photographers and other image makers showcase their amazing work to the world.

Through a simple design interface, Viewbook lets you develop your own beautiful website and web galleries. So your best work looks better than ever, on desktops, tablets and mobiles.

Viewbook is an independent company, operating from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Now serving thousands of users world wide.

  • Rien

    Rien Swagerman

    Founder & Director

  • Jim

    Jim Turbert

    Support & Communication

  • Bas

    Dries Bos

    Designer & Developer

  • Maarten

    Maarten van Vliet


  • Bjorn

    Bjorn van Spengen


  • Isabella

    Isabella Swagerman


  • Rebecca

    Rebecca Simons

    Producer, editor, curator (independent)